Saturday, 13 February 2016

Week 6- Evernotes are forever

This week in ADED 1P32, our tool to explore was Evernote and ‘the cloud.’ I had previously heard of Evernote but had never given it a try, and now I’m seriously wondering why! As a person who really values organization and having easy access to notes and research and lists and essentially having everything all in one place, Evernote is pretty perfect for me. I’m actually disappointed someone hadn’t told me about this tool when I was first starting university but hey, better late than never! A great Introduction to Evernote is presented in slideshow format here.

When exploring Evernote, I noticed how user-friendly and easy the tool was to get acquainted with. I’m not one who likes to spend hours trying to understand something that’s supposed to make my life easier, so Evernote was off to a good start in my books. As I started playing around with it and creating a notebook for the collaborative group project I have coming up in this class, I noticed that when I would copy pages of information from the internet into a new note in my notebook, the URLs actually stayed embedded within the information! Super convenient and super easy.

I see this tool being really useful in my educational activities for lots of reasons. One being the seamless integration between devices – I can user Evernote on my laptop, then pick up where I left off on my iPad and even work on the go by accessing Evernote on my phone. The second reason is that I constantly e-mail myself updated versions of notes or outlines, anything that I’m working on really, because last year, I had the great misfortune of my laptop crashing. Luckily, good old Apple was able to bring it back to life without losing anything but it made me really paranoid. With Evernote, I don’t have to worry about losing things I’m working on because it’s all there in the cloud – hence my ‘Evernotes are forever’ title of this post!

I will definitely be adding Evernote to my PLE. Although it can be classified as both a research and an organizational tool, I personally think it works best under organize because it is not like a search engine type tool where it actually performs the research – it simply organizes and stores what you find.

Merdzan, C. (CC) 2016.

This week’s interesting Feedly find…
An interesting and current topic is the one of self-driving cars. The article that came up in my Feedly feed this week is one that states how a self-driving vehicle needs some sort of ‘decision-making’ framework, for lack of better wording. Most consumer products don’t need this to the same level as a car – an out of control phone is an out of control phone; an out of control car is basically a weapon. As someone who’s on the fence about how they feel about the thought of being in a self-driving car, or being on the road with them, it’s definitely an interesting read found in the Globe this week – check it out! 

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