Prior to creating my own podcast, I had listened to a couple that I have downloaded from iTunes but this was a first in terms of making my own. There is absolutely nothing I hate more than hearing my own voice but nevertheless it's always fun to try out a new tool!

SoundCloud was fairly straightforward to use once I discovered that recording does not seem to work properly in Safari – something to note for Mac users! I could record my video but would keep being told that my podcast was “processing.” Once I switched to using Google Chrome, everything worked perfectly!

I think being able to produce audio sound clips through things such as podcasts is a very powerful thing. Sometimes it's a much more effective way to get something across – to allow others to hear the sound of an actual voice rather than read written words. This is the beauty of digital literacy. Of course, as always, digital responsibility is an important factor when it comes to podcasts. We must always remember to be responsible digital citizens when creating content for the digital world.

Although this was a fun tool to use, I honestly think I’ll be listening to more podcasts in the near future than I will be creating. However, I really enjoyed the opportunity to understand what SoundCloud is all about – I’ve heard about it from others but did not realize it allowed you to upload or create your own recordings. Yet another good experience with an interesting new tool!     

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