Friday, 1 April 2016

Week 12- The end was near, and now it’s here!

For the past couple of weeks I have mentioned how this semester seemed to be coming to an end quite quickly… and now this actually is the end! Yesterday I had my last lecture of my undergraduate career, which was quite a strange feeling. I could go on about that for a while, so for right now I will simply wrap up my blogging for the semester!

I have discovered an awful lot about new tools and becoming a digital citizen this semester. Most of the tools we looked at, I never knew existed and never would have known existed if it weren’t for this course. You have seen the updates to my PLE along the way, so it is safe to say that knowledge of some of these tools is a good asset to have! 

I have learned that building a positive digital footprint is so crucial in our increasingly digital world. I took a second to Google my own name at the beginning of this course to compare with what the results would look like at the end. Of course, one new thing that shows up is my blog! To me, it has always been very important to maintain professional and respectful posts when blogging throughout this semester because of how easy it is for absolutely anyone to find all of these posts on the internet.

There are definitely connections between having a positive digital footprint and living and learning online as a digital citizen. One big connection is the one that has been repeated over and over again as a very important digital right and responsibility: the right to cite. Having a positive digital footprint and being a good digital citizen always includes giving credit where it is due. Another connection between a positive digital footprint and a good digital citizen is also continuing to make sure the internet is a safe, fun and informative space for everyone – cyber bullying should never been an issue anyone has to worry about!

As being a good digital citizen will become increasingly important as time goes on, I think it is especially important that we teach the importance of digital citizenship to those around us who have not taken the time to really reflect on what it means like ADED 1P32 has allowed me to do and also, to teach the importance of digital citizenship to younger generations.

Thank you to my readers who have kept up with my progression through ADED 1P32 this semester and commented on my posts!
Final Interesting Feedly Find…
Sticking to my graduation theme of this post, although I was unable to attend this week’s Grad Send-Off event, I would just like to wish everyone graduating from Brock in 2016 the best of luck! It’s been great to be a Badger and as one student mentions in this article, it has also been great to be a Goodman School of Business student. Check out the article about upcoming Brock grads looking towards the future here!

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