Yet another tool to add to the ‘create’ section of my PLE! Exploring Animoto to create a slideshow was one of our tasks this week and I must say I quite enjoyed the tool. I liked how intuitive Animoto was to use. Adding pictures and text, and changing the sounds and layout is all very, very easy so you’re free to create away! I created an Animoto slideshow, which can be seen below this post, on what exactly Copyright is. Animoto is an effective way, in my opinion, to share with others the importance of Copyright and Creative Commons.

Animoto is a slideshow tool that displays both text and images. My Animoto slideshow allowed me to put together my research on Copyright in a fun and creative way. I learned that Copyright is having the exclusive rights to copy on everything except ideas, concepts, styles and techniques. A good place to share your creative work or look for the work of others that is available for use is Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a place where you can search for images that are available for public use, or request a license for your own images and then limit how little or how much the public may alter or use your specific image.

One of the most important things about being a good digital citizen is remembering to always give credit where it is deserved and always cite your work! This concept applies to pictures just as much as words. Always feel free to use your own photos as well – this is a foolproof way to never forget to attribute someone’s work and you get to show off your photography skills!

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