Our instructor has been communicating with us throughout this course using VoiceThreads yet I admittedly didn’t really understand how useful or cool they were until my experimentation with VoiceThread this week!

To me, VoiceThread was just a slide show where one could record themselves speaking as the viewer progresses through the slides – sort of like a ‘virtual’ presentation. I now understand that VoiceThread is much, much more. VoiceThread is an interactive slideshow where multiple users can view, comment and add to the slides. You can leave typed comments, voice comments, video comments and you can also draw on the slides to highlight key information or point to specific things or show a flow of concepts and have this play while the comments are being narrated. VoiceThread is more of a discussion tool than a purely presentation tool.

I think this is a really cool tool for my personal academic learning simply because of how interactive it is. VoiceThread is like taking Google Slides and Prezi to the next level. I really like how I can put together a presentation with pictures, videos, comments and ‘doodles’ on the slides, save it, and allow someone else to edit or continue adding on to what I’ve already created.

In some ways, I actually think this would be a much more effective way to give class presentations. Of course you could still be there in person to answer any questions, but having the ability to pre-record your comments and even add ‘doodles’ to the slides to hold people’s attention would be really effective, in my opinion.

If I were to add VoiceThread to my PLE, which I very well might, I would probably add it to my ‘create’ section.

Here is ADED 1P32’s VoiceThread on digital rights and responsibilities – feel free to add your own comments to the discussion!

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