Sunday, 10 January 2016

Let the blogging journey begin!

I honestly cannot remember the last time I tried something so new, unfamiliar and out of my comfort zone! Yes, I'm referring to the concept of blogging. I like to write, but writing in a place that's so public is also new to me and I'm exciting to explore what it is like to have people read about my opinions and thoughts and my progression through this course.

To start with a little introduction, my name is Carolyne and I am a fourth year student. The purpose of my blog will be to explore learning in digital contexts through the online course that I am currently taking - ADED 1P32 - and hopefully have some discussions about some things that interest me. I hope to learn lots of things throughout the semester including what it is like to collaborate in an online setting. This is so important in today's work world since I may be asked to virtually work with people in all sorts of locations. Speaking of the 'work world,' I'm very excited to graduate from my Business Administration degree in just a few short weeks and hopefully find a job and become a part of it. I cannot believe how quickly these past 4 years have gone, and I am hoping to find myself back in school for my Master's after gaining some work experience.

Just a couple of quick little facts about me: I enjoy reading (when it's not a textbook), cooking, baking, shopping, and travelling. I also enjoy a variety of sports but tennis and skiing are definitely my favourites.
Merdzan, C. (CC) 2012. 
Merdzan, C. (CC) 2013.


  1. Hi Carolyne, Welcome to the blogosphere. I hope you find writing for a public forum rewarding. Quick comment - you have a typo in the course number ;-). Looking forward to learning more about you this term. cheers.

  2. Hey Carolyne!
    Couldn't help but notice you like cooking/baking on your free time... me too!
    very therapeutic eh!?
    Anyway just wanted to quickly let you know i wish you the best luck in future since you're done school and also since you love cooking and baking you gotta check out on facbeook the tip her links which show videos ( 2-4mins) long on different recipes . So yummy and easy! I've done a few. Super easy to follow because they show all the ingredients and servings you need :)
    All the best,