Sunday, 24 January 2016

Week 3- Reporting and reflecting on my brand new RSS feed!

In my previous post, I shared an article from my RSS feed called The Wisdom of Stupid Questions and a little bit of background information on it – it really is a great, short read!

This article informed my own learning in two ways: the first being that since I am a business student, this article was of great interest and relevance to me because it revolved around the concept of “buyer beware.” The second way is because it immediately demonstrated to me the value and benefits of an RSS feed – this post came straight to me, I did not spend hours searching for it.

RSS feed readers contribute a lot to my work in building knowledge about digital literacy, responsibility and citizenship. They certainly contribute to digital literacy in the sense that I learned a new way to make an online tool work for me since RSS feeds make information from various blogs and articles available by the simple click of an ‘add to reading list’ button!

As far as digital responsibility and citizenship are concerned, it is kind of cool to know that as I subscribe to and follow various blogs through my reader and learn about the things people have to say, people can also subscribe to my very own blog and hear from me as well! It can be seen as a sort of give and take environment – I learn and use information from others, and they learn and use information from me, in a digitally responsible way, of course!  

I would categorize RSS feed readers as very useful tools!! As part of my own personal PLE, which can be seen in my week 2 report and reflection post, I would add my new RSS feed, I use Feedly, to the ‘research’ category. I would add it here because as mentioned in an Educase 7 things you should know about RSS article, and RSS feed is the perfect way to organize and stream all of the content that exists on the internet. When researching a topic, it makes it so much easier to search for blogs or things to follow that are relevant to your topic, and then have all the information on that topic come straight to you in your feed!

Merdzan, C. (CC) 2016.

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